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It's not an easy road...

Life certainly isn't easy. It's a roller coaster of emotions, drama, chaos, nonsense, shenanigans (my fav word), love, laughter, memory making, and whatever else you would like to include. I've been super busy since I last wrote with healing from nonsense, memory making, laughing, loving, teaching, working out, and, of course, expanding my private practice.

I met with a client yesterday. Neat person. Has had much chaos and nonsense in life. They are cruising into recovery like a champ! As we were talking, my client said, "It's not an easy road but it's not impossible." I asked it to be repeated. Twice.

After the session ended, I went to the gym. Coach Andy challenged me a few times to do a little more and I immediately said, "I can't." Then I heard my client, "It's not an easy road but it's not impossible." So, I attempted the challenges. Not easy, not impossible.

I wonder how many times you've said, "I can't" because a task seemed too difficult. How many times have you shied away from something because you were afraid of it? The key here is to counteract the "I can't" with "It's not an easy road but it's not impossible." Life is going to throw you a curveball (or a big medicine ball) and you must rise to the challenge. Will you drop that ball once or twice? HELL YEA! The best part will be the first time you don't drop the ball. Was it easy? NO. Was it impossible? Also NO.

Rise to the challenge. Face the rough road. Feel the success of possibility.

Until next time,

Dr. Jill

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