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Integrity – It’s All Ya Got

This post originally appeared 3/16 on my blog

I was recently accused of doing something I didn’t do.

First, let me say that I respect the person that confronted me about it. I would rather have someone tell me ‘what I did wrong’ than to have to put up with attitudes and drama. Let’s talk about it. Let’s try to resolve it. Let’s agree to disagree. Whatever the outcome, at least it’s out in the open.

Second, one of the things I value most is honesty. If I did something, I will totally own up to it. If I made a mistake, I will apologize. That’s the right way to do things. Lies perpetuate lies. When you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. I learned that a long time ago.

Having said that…it boggles my mind how people believe things they hear without actually knowing both sides of the story or seeing for themselves. I just don’t understand why untruths are told. Maybe it’s because people need to feel better about themselves. Maybe it’s because people need to have drama in their lives. Maybe it’s because people feel threatened. Who knows?

I have worked very hard to be the person I am today. Not many people know the struggles I have had to face. I’m not going to dwell on them because they made me into a stronger woman. A woman who is now not afraid to stick up for herself. A woman who is not about creating or perpetuating drama. A woman who is not about shallow thinking. A woman who is not about living a lie.

Integrity. It’s taken me a lot of years and lots of therapy to build it back up. I’m not about to do something petty or stupid to ruin it. It’s what I base my life on. It’s how I live my life. If someone can’t see that, that’s not my problem, it’s theirs. I take responsibility for myself and my actions. Do you?

Until next time,

Dr. Jill

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