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I’m not taking NO for an answer!

This post originally appeared on my blog site 1/16.

Last night was date night. It’s a great time for us to catch up without the distraction of daily stuff. One of the hot topics was the fact that the truck wouldn’t start. This isn’t something new but we thought we had taken care of it. Guess not. So, we sat eating our calamari brainstorming possible causes. Of course, we went to the worst case scenario. …cause that’s just human nature.

All of the sudden, something clicked in my brain. We just started a new year. We both had some lingering issues holding us hostage that were resolved right before the new year hit. This is going to be our year. The year of doing what makes us happy. No bullshit, no drama, no worse case scenarios. “Well, I think it’s going to be an easy fix, nothing huge. Things are going to start to go in our favor this year. We have nothing holding us back. And…I’m not taking NO for an answer, dammit” I declared.

As I looked into those beautiful blue eyes sitting across from me, I saw a huge smile. “You’re right. Not taking no for an answer.”

What is your worse case scenario? Is it even likely that it will end up that way? Probably not. There are lots of solutions so try not to go to the dark side immediately. Explore the good stuff. Think positively…or at least try to. Let 2016 be the year of possibilities and positivity. Don’t take NO for an answer.

Until next time, Dr. Jill

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