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This post originally appeared on my blog site ( 12/15.

I almost burned the friggin garlic bread. Almost. It was close. I’m sure you have done it….if you haven’t, I am concerned. Here’s why.

Think about it. You have the pasta cooking. The gravy (it’s gravy in my house, not sauce) is on another burner heating up. The plain old bread has been transformed into “garlic bread” just waiting to be put under the broiler when the time is right. Now, along with making dinner what else are you doing? Setting the table? Washing the dishes? Looking for the strainer? Making guacamole in your new magic bullet? (I was along with all the other things). See, that’s my problem. I have to be doing a few things at one time while I’m in the kitchen. Call it a short attention span. Call it multi tasking. Call it lack of patience. Whatever you call it…..I ALMOST BURNED THE FRIGGIN GARLIC BREAD!

So, what does this really have to do with anything? Aahh, I was hoping you would ask. How many times are we doing other things while we are doing our “main thing?” Are we really so task oriented that we have to do multiple things at once? What is it that we are trying to prove? What is it that we might be missing? What will we have to do over again cause we screwed it up?

Fortunately I didn’t burn the friggin garlic bread. This time. I made a conscious effort to keep my eye on it. Here is your challenge as we go into the last week of 2015: Make a conscious effort to keep an eye on the thing that loses your attention while you’re busy doing a zillion other things.

Life is too short to burn the garlic bread. Trust me, I know first hand.

Until next time, Dr. Jill

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