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Hey You!

I spoke with a client today who was having difficulty managing some recent changes in their life. They have recently graduated, experienced the sale of their childhood home, currently residing in temporary housing until the new home is ready, and attempting to adjust to residing with their significant other. That's a lot of stuff in a short period of time.

All of the changes with my client got me thinking about transition. We are in a constant state of transition in our lives. We may go from one job to another, one partner to another, one home to another...and so on, and so on, and so on (remember that commercial?).

A friend of mine recently transitioned from this life into the next. It was a shock and very unexpected. There are more questions than answers at this point. My friend was young, vibrant, funny as hell, and always had a "Hey You" for me when I walked in the door and a "be well" when I left. Sometimes, the farewell would be "stay out of trouble, and if you can't call me!"

God, I'm going to miss that. Among other things. I have to admit, I'm struggling with this transition. When I heard the news, I felt like I was run over by a truck. The truck backed up over me and ran me over for the third time. I was so out of sorts and beside myself. I still am. This one will take some time.

I wonder where you are in your transition? Of course, I don't mean from this life to the next. Are you thinking about making a change? Have things changed? Are you trying to manage a life event? Whatever it is, how are you facing it? Are you looking at it as a chance to grow? Isn't that really what transition is all about? The new life that is before us is waiting to be embraced because the old life is no longer serving a purpose. Face the transition with an open heart and look forward to the newness that is to come.

Be Well, my friend.

Until next time,

Dr. Jill

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