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Good Grief, What Was I Thinking?

This post originally appeared 10/17 on my blog site

Hey there! Long time no see. Long time no write, too! So, lots has happened in my crazy world since the last time I wrote. I won’t go into it all cause you’ll get bored BUT, I started a PhD program last August and am now in my second year. GOOD GRIEF, What Was I Thinking?

In addition to starting my second year in this program, I began a new job in August. Four years on an inpatient hospice unit can burn a person out. I just couldn’t watch people die any longer, so I opted to take a position as a clinician and clinical supervisor. GOOD GRIEF, What Was I Thinking?

As I sit here after a long day of training and seeing clients, I can honestly say that I love my life. I love to be challenged. I love to be engaged in good conversation. I love to learn. I have a good job, a small private practice, great friends, a partner who loves me unconditionally and a dog who has a huge personality.

So, what was I thinking when I made all of these changes in my life? The honest answer is, I WASN’T. I was just following where I was led. That’s how my life works. Stuff happens, I go with the flow, and it all ends up working out. I wonder how you go through life? Do you buck the system? Do you follow but fight along the way? Do you give it up to God (or to whomever your higher power is?) Take a second to think about that. Are you doing life the hard way? Why? How might you change your outlook?

The next time you feel yourself saying GOOD GRIEF, What Was I thinking….stop, take a breath and decide HOW you want to live your life. I don’t know about you, but I’m done doing life the hard way. It’s time to work hard and play harder. Life is way too short to sweat the small stuff. Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Until next time,

Dr. Jill

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